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Recommended IELTS Books

These recommended books are ones that will assist you to getting higher bands on your IELTS examination.

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Grammar for IELTS

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS is useful because it has an entry test and candidates getting most of the questions correct are likely to be upper intermediate level (band 7).  The grammar lessons are particulary useful and there are samples of IELTS listening tests as well.  It contains Academic & IELTS reading questions focusing on some of the main skills tested in the exam.

IELTS Practice Tests (+2)

IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 has 6 full IELTS tests for all the components of the exam.  The teaching at the beginning of the book on what the examiner is looking for in the speaking section is extremely useful.  The writing tutorials for Academic and General writing are also very helpful - particularly Academic Task 1 writing.

IELTS General Training 16

IELTS general training books provide full tests and range from IELTS general training 1 edition to IELTS general training 16.  They are available in the academic version as well.  They are useful for practice but no actual teaching is given.

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