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General tips for informal letter writing - task 1 IELTS

Here are some basic tips to create an informal style of letter writing -

  1. Use vocabulary and expressions for informal letters. Bear in mind that informal writing sounds more like a telephone conversation with a friend. The speech is natural and relaxed. Example - How's things going lately?

  2. Use contractions not the long form. Example - 'I'll' not 'I will'. 'She's' not 'She is'.

  3. Try to avoid the passive voice as it creates a formal style.

  4. Use beginnings and endings which are appropriate for informal letters. Examples - 'Dear Peter', 'Hi Peter', 'Dear mum', 'Best wishes', 'Kind regards', 'Lots of love'.

  5. Use continuous tenses rather than simple tenses whenever possible grammatically as they create a softer tone.


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